Category: Independence

Dear Boris

This was on Twitter this morning. Maybe a few more of the Scottish people should write, respectfully, to the Prime Minister and point out the inaccuracies in his letter to our First Minister. Mention,...

A democratic outrage

On the 31st of January, the Westminster Tory Government will drag Scotland, against it’s will, out of the European Union. All Under One Banner is holding a march in Glasgow tomorrow, Saturday 11th, (due...

Union of Equals?

On Wednesday the Scottish Parliament voted by 92 votes to 29 to refuse legislative consent for the EU Withdrawal Bill currently going through Westminster. The Bill was described by Michael Russell, Cabinet Secretary for...

UK system of government is broken

Leaving a 300 year old union would be much worse than Brexit, chant unionists. Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp of Business for Scotland disagrees. “If you … don’t expect the benefits of EU membership to continue then...

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