Category: Brexit

To cease a 300 year old union

In this very well attended public lecture at the University of Edinburgh on 16 February 2020, Joanna Cherry MP sets out her thoughts on events of the last five years, the democratic deficit, constitutional...

Reading between the lines

A lot of very unhappy people on social media who were expecting the First Minister to announce a date on Friday. They are annoyed and lashing out, cancelling SNP subscriptions and calling for Nicola...

Auld lang syne

Peter Rowberry of Yes Berwickshire captured some of the scenes outside the Scottish Parliament on Friday evening as Scotland’s exit from the EU neared. This is a video of part of Tommy Shepard’s speech...

Brexit has happened

But despite the sadness and anger it’s so great to see this picture tweeted of the European Commission building in Brussels as Brexit became a reality. A light being left on in the EU...

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