About us

Equality Nation is a non-party organisation dedicated to furthering open democracy,

We are not neutral on the political issues of the day because our purpose is to influence, promoting clarity, accuracy and truth in a political environment that has deteriorated in recent years.

Equality Nation will not hesitate to criticise any party when we feel such comment is warranted. Politics is too important to leave to the politicians.

Being non-party means we are not in the business of telling people who they should vote for. We seek to inform, leaving who you vote for as your inalienable right.

The issues most important to us include social justice, public services – especially our health service – climate change, and Scotland’s future place in a Europe of collaborating nations. Brexit changes everything, the past now a distant place.

The status quo of recent years has gone for good and we need to tread a new path. Our future in a self governing Scotland can offer stability and democratic renewal, addressing the big issues of climate change and damaging society inequalities.

We are based in the Scottish Borders but have no geographic boundaries when it comes to promoting people centred political interests.

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