If you want to do it…you can

As the independence debate once again ramps up, it seems timely to post this from Debate Night in June 2021. Andrew Wilson, economist, politician and now a strategic adviser to businesses, charities and a variety of other organisations, says when Scotland becomes independent it will be the richest country ever to join the EU.

It has been suggester that Scotland could be back in the EU in five years. And for those who are impatient for those years to pass things will get progressively better once our application for membership is underway.

Michael Russell tweeted:

“And as transitional arrangements will be negotiated as we work towards full accession this is a far better prospect than spending the same time locked into continuing U.K. decline.”

Still not fully convinced because negative takes on currency, borders, pensions, everything you can think of, are being thrown at you. Well, have a listen to David McWilliams who says Scottish independence is almost all upside.

David is an Irish economist, writer, and journalist who initially worked as an economist with the Central Bank of Ireland, UBS bank and the Banque Nationale de Paris. So he has a wee bit experience in economic matters.

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