The Politics of Lies

A link to this excellent article was posted on Twitter. The article deserves a wide readership.

“It’s dizzying to live in the UK these days if you have a good memory. Living under the Johnson administration means that whatever is said in politics today will be different tomorrow. What is remembered never happened that way. What Johnson did wasn’t like that, or it was someone else. Boris Johnson came to power with lies, half-truths and deception. As Prime Minister he will not be able to afford that in the long term, or such was the hope of his party colleagues and critics who cared about the future of Great Britain in 2019.

The writer finishes the article by saying:

“And so it is not inconceivable that Johnson will end up being the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and instead go down in history as the uncrowned king of a democratically dubious “Little England”. In retrospect, British democracy may then seem to have been nothing more than what it already is for many critics of its excessively vulnerable and unwritten constitution: a beautiful illusion that worked brilliantly so long as everyone continued to cling on to it.”

Please read the entire article here.

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