Scotland will be back

Through history, language and culture we are European.

The European Union is a unique force for peace and well-being. The UK and Scotland should be active EU members working with partners to promote democracy, freedom, security and justice. The EU’s mission is to uphold respect for human rights, equality and the rule of law. We share and work for these objectives. Please join us.

The European Movement in Scotland reaffirms its commitment to Scotland retaining its rightful place in Europe and the European Union.

European Movement in Scotland

The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.

If you believe Scotland should be part of the EU you can join the European Movement in Scotland so that our fellow Europeans can hear us loud and clear.

In the Holyrood debate on 30th December on the Brexit agreement negotiated by the UK Tory government, Michael Russell, Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs, spoke with passion, saying:

“I don’t accept it” “It’s not over”
“I am European and will remain European and, in time, this country Scotland will return to membership of the EU”.

“At 11pm tomorrow we will have to admit defeat…we have been unable to stop this monumental act of self-harm…for now.”

Michael Russell’s excellent speech in the Holyrood debate can be watched here at approximately 1 hour 55 minutes in. He demolishes the Tory argument of the SNP voting for no deal and puts forward compelling reasons for Scotland to seek to return to the EU at an early date.

Kirsty Hughes, writer and commentator on Scottish, European and UK politics, and founder and director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations tweeted:

“Next political step must be for all SNP, Labour, Green, LibDem MSPs to sign European movement in Scotland’s pro-EU petition just launched – reaches across the constitutional divide.”

As well as launching the petition which can be signed here, the European Movement in Scotland has also put together a video, affirming that Scotland will be back in the European Union.

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