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This is a video produced by Scottish Development International, aimed at persuading those interested in conducting business in Scotland of its benefits.

Many No voters seem to believe the Scotland of today varies little from the Scotland of earlier years. But things have changed quite dramatically in Scotland. Gone are the old heavy industries, though the skills used in them have been passed on to new generations to use in renewable energy development and projects, and in many other areas.

As well as numerous areas in which Scotland can excel, or at least hold its own, Scotland can also boast a well-educated workforce and excellent universities.

So as we move towards difficult times with an EU trade deal uncertain and a virus causing business closures, job losses and anxieties about health and wellbeing, it’s good to watch a short video that raises all our spirits and not just those of people thinking of relocating here or doing business with us. This video carries a message for all of us as we anticipate a Holyrood election next year and the strong possibility of another independence referendum.

Scotland certainly isn’t too wee, too poor or too stupid to make our own successful independent way in the world.

This video shows a modern Scotland, a Scotland looking to the future with confidence, a Scotland we can be proud of.

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