Estonia – a country with a sense of common purpose

The Estonian Parliament

Estonia: A country that aims to be ‘the best version of itself in the world’.

Phantom Power has produced the first in a series of videos on other countries. The first – Scotland Calling…Estonia is, now available to watch.

Phantom Power says this of the video, presented by Ewan Hunter:

“Estonia is proof of what happens when a nation takes control of its destiny and embraces the future. Just over 30 years ago Estonia freed itself from a broken Soviet Union to finally realise its true potential. This incredible wee nation of just over 1 million people committed to a new adventure in digital and has never looked back. Estonia is now right up there with its Scandinavian neighbours as amongst the very top places to work and live in the world. We trace the country’s history, difficult transition to full nationhood and focus on how its highly advanced IT savvy citizens are taking on the global Covid19 pandemic – a crisis Estonia is better placed than many to deal with – an example we can all learn from.”

Watch and be fascinated.

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