COVID-19 – A Framework for Decision Making

COVID-19 – A Framework for Decision Making

Two days ago the Scottish Government published its paper COVID-19 – A Framework for Decision Making, a document giving information on the basis on which it will proceed to tackle the ongoing threat of Covid-19 and how a relaxation of the lockdown to enable more freedom and economic activity might take place.

Whilst the Scottish Government’s approach was widely lauded by most, including the other devolved first ministers and by unlikely people such as former Tory cabinet ministers and right wing journalists, a few vociferous Scottish Tories felt they had to do their best to discredit the approach, favouring, rather than an approach tailored to Scotland and backed by people living in Scotland, a 4-nation approach dictated by the UK Tory government without consultation.

People living in Scotland, who will be asked to support a Scottish government strategy by their ongoing actions, are asked to comment. If you wish to contribute feedback, details of the respecive areas and addresses to which to send comments can be found in the final article image.

A few salient pieces have been taken from the document.

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