R B Cunninghame Graham – Aristocrat, socialist and anti-imperialist

In five 1999 BBC Radio Scotland programmes, now on YouTube, Billy Kay celebrates the fascinating life of RB Cunninghame Graham, one of the most influential Scots of the 19th and 20th centuries, and a man who firmly believed that to be an internationalist you first had to be a nationalist. A man who believed there was more to society than materialism. A man before his time, many of his ideas and beliefs as relevant now as they were during his lifetime.

While at present visiting the Smith Art Gallery in Stirling which has much about him is not possible, at this time of self-isolation and social distancing this series of programmes is well worth listening to.

“No country could have contained him, but only Scotland could have produced him.” Colm Brogan, Scottish journalist.

Don Roberto

The Adventure Begins, Part 1 – above

The Uncrowned King of Scots, Part 2

Laird of Gartmore, Gaucho of the Pampas, Part 3

The Aristocratic Socialist, Part 4

Master of Life, King Among Men, Part 5

Gartmore House

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