Food for thought: Update

Carol Monaghan MP has written to the CEOs of all major supermarkets to ask that home delivery slots are prioritised for elderly and vulnerable people. She has also asked that stores operate a system whereby only elderly people can access the stores at certain times.

Thank you, Carol. Hopefully major supermarkets will take heed.

Richard Murphy has advocated: “that price controls must be introduced: it must be illegal for anyone to sell any products during the rest of 2020 at a price more than 10% higher than that at which it was available for sale on 29th February this year. The risk that there will be shortages giving rise to blackmarket operations, or of straightforward commercial abuse, during the course of the next few months is high.”

He has also set out the requirement for rationing, suggesting the easiest way to impose rationing is through the loyalty card schemes used by major stores, although Aldi and Lidl do not operate such schemes. “…purchasing will be impossible without such a card, and rationing will be imposed by it.”

Richard’s blog piece can be read here.

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