Believe in Scotland launches Scotland the Brief

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp at the launch of Scotland the Brief.

Feeling a bit down now that the EU Withdrawal Bill is now an act of the Westminster Parliament, having been signed into law by the queen? Feeling angry and depressed at leaving the EU and being relegated to living in a far -flung outpost of England when our Scottish Parliament refused its legislative consent to the agreement, voting against it by 92 votes to 29, only the Tories voting for? The Welsh and Northern Ireland devolved parliaments also voted against.

Our First Minister’s update next week is awaited with fretful anticipation. Many insist she must announce a date for indyref2, the more cautious wondering if it might be a legal challenge to the refusal of a Section 30 order that’s in the pipeline. Great importance is being set on a date as there appears a widespread belief that there can be no meaningful campaigning without one.

Someone who disagrees with this view is Gordon MacIntryre-Kemp of Business for Scotland. Speaking at the launch of Believe in Scotland’s publication Scotland the Brief (in mini and maxi formats), plus a range of other materials, Gordon underlined the necessity for activists to get out round the doors now, asking about independence concerns, allaying them with the aid of the booklet, and converting people from No to Yes.

As well as the material already available, a new website geared to answering questions from the public is now available, though still being worked on. You can access it here. Scotland the Brief answers the burning question – would Scotland prosper as an independent nation?

You can try your luck at the quiz about Scotland’s assets and order copies of the Scotland the Brief books (mini £3.50, large £7.50) here.

Believe in Scotland has ambition and highly exciting plans for the future, raising spirits. These include further leaflets and an app which in its first phase will provide information, and in the second phase will be a campaigning tool with information to enable activists to target leafleting and public engagement effectively in their areas, and provide updates of how campaigning is going.

The Independence Live video of the launch event is approximately one hour and forty minutes long, but is well worth watching for information on what a significant player in the Yes movement has organised and what is coming soon to ensure the next indyref is won by Yes.

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