A democratic outrage

On the 31st of January, the Westminster Tory Government will drag Scotland, against it’s will, out of the European Union.

All Under One Banner is holding a march in Glasgow tomorrow, Saturday 11th, (due to threatened high winds the following rally at Glasgow Green has been cancelled) to protest against the loss of our EU citizenship and show support for independence not only remains high but is increasing.

Meanwehile the Scottish Greens have announced a rally in Glasgow on 31st January at 12:00 noon to mark our EU exit and to launch its Green Yes campaign for Scotland to re-join the European Union as an independent nation.

Scotland voted by 62% to remain, has repeatedly elected pro-remain parties since the referendum, and the Scottish Parliament has refused to consent to Boris Johnson’s deal by an overwhelming majority. The Scottish Greens say that ignoring this, and taking us out of the EU on the 31st January is a democratic outrage we must resist.

They ask members and supporters to make the 31st the start of a new journey, a journey towards Scotland becoming a truly democratic, independent European nation.

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