Aussies say ‘No’

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These are the trade agreements we will no longer have once we exit the European Union.

Today the Australian government, which is at present negotiating a trade deal with the EU, has rejected a post-Brexit trade agreement with the UK that included visa-free work and travel between Australia and the UK. The reason given was that it could result in an exodus of highly trained workers and an influx to Australia of unskilled Brits.

Simon Birmingham, Australian Trade Minister, said there would be agreement on changes to work rights but not full free movement. He remained hopeful that an agreement could be reached before the 2020 deadline at the end of the UK’s Brexit transition period.

So the question being asked by many is why is freedom of movement for Australians acceptable to the UK government, enabling Australians to come and live and work in the UK, but freedom of movement for EU nationals is regarded as unacceptable?

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