We will leave our door open

Terry Reintke

Terry Reintke MEP is a German politician and member of the European Parliament where she is a member of the Alliance ’90/The Greens, part of the Greens–European Free Alliance. This is also the group to which Scotland’s SNP MEPs belong.

Yesterday, as former Prime Minister Theresa May grimaced and gesticulated in the House of Commons whilst screeching in her best admonitory tone that poor wee, impoverished Scotland would NEVER BE ALLOWED to join the EU, Terry Reintke tweeted this reminder of support to people in Scotland.

“Two years ago, we (50 politicians from across the EU and political spectrum) wrote a letter to the Scottish Parliament. Maybe now is the moment to remind everyone in Scotland of our commitment:

“Your future is for you to decide, but we will leave our door open.”

Good to know that whilst Westminster politicians denigrate us we have friends across Europe and the wider world.

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