The Power of Scotland

Another brief but powerful image from the wonderful Phantom Power films.

Today we’re not voting for independence. Although we certainly have the resources, knowledge and skills to be a very successful nation as the Phantom Power video makes clear.

Today we’re voting to keep Boris Johnson and his right wing Tories out of power because of the damage they will do to Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We’re voting against being dragged out of the EU in the hardest of Brexits when 62% of us voted to remain. We’re voting to have the right to decide our own futures, the future of Scotland in an independence referendum.

We’re voting to safeguard our Scottish Parliament from having further powers plundered by Westminster. We’re voting to protect our health service against privatisation and being hijacked by US multinational healthcare companies.

We’re voting to safeguard everything the Scottish Government has delivered – free prescriptions, free university education, baby boxes, free high quality childcare, world-leading targets to reduce emissions in our fight against climate catastrophe, delivery of over 60,000 affordable homes, crime at its lowest level in 42 years, giving 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in Scottish Parliament and local government elections. The list is extensive – too long to print here.

With so much at stake only a vote for the SNP makes sense. So if you appreciate what the SNP has done, and what it still aims to achieve you can safely vote for the party today. When an independence referendum is held, hopefully in 2020, then you can have your say on whether or not you want Scotland to become an independent country. That’s democracy.

But today Scotland needs people to vote SNP.

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