“When treason prospers, none dare call it out”

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“No one should miss the stench of cowardice, and yet there is no sign voters care or understand that cowardice runs through the British state”

The campaign began with a display of contempt for the electorate for which I can find no precedent.

“Do we indeed trust the state not to abuse its power and accuse legitimate critics of being traitors, saboteurs, and, to coin a phrase, enemies of the people? These questions are not easy to answer. The trouble with Britain is that they are not even being asked. They are being ducked for a reason Sir John Harington understood in the 1590s. When treason prospers, none dare call it out.”

The above quotes are from an excoriating article in Standpoint magazine written by Nick Cohen, journalist, author and political commentator, columnist for The Observer, blogger for The Spectator and a writer for Standpoint magazine.

In his article, Dare call it treason?, he questions the state of Britain and its government, citing their cowardice, contempt for the electorate and their censorship of parliament.

Read the article and, as we shuffle along the rocky path towards the general election, ponder on what can be done to restore democracy. For an increasing number of voters in Scotland the answer, for good reason, is voting for an end to Brexit and for independence.

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