BBC debate – views from down south

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted some key points from the BBC election debate tonight:

“This election really matters, what’s at stake is the kind of country we want to be. We want Scotland to be an independent, kind and internationalist country. And we want the people of Scotland to have the power to decide our future.”

And: “A vote for @theSNP is a vote to lock Boris Johnson out of Downing Street, to escape Brexit, and to put Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands so we can build a better, fairer country.”

Although the debate was held in Cardiff, many of the tweets praising the First Minister’s performance came from people in England. Here are a few that give a flavour of the positive way many in England now view her.

  • The only two I rate in this debate are @NicolaSturgeon and @Adamprice They are concise, clear and respectful. The others are bickering, sniping and rude blaggers! I don’t believe a word they say. They rarely answer the questions and talk over each other.
  • Nicola Sturgeon is far and away the most articulate, convincing and assured in this #BBCDebate
  • I love @NicolaSturgeon body language throughout this debate. She is a pro – a total class act. And it shows even more against this lot! #BBCDebate
  • Once again, SNP leader @NicolaSturgeon shows that she’s head and shoulders above the Westminster parties.
  • Sturgeon is amazing
  • I’d watch 90 minutes of her sassing Richard Tice tbh
  • Dear Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is in Cardiff today. She will NOT be returning to Scotland. #indywales supporters will be keeping her in Wales.. Cz she’s F****** FANTASTIC! Sincerely, People of Wales
  • I’m just gonna move to Scotland so I can vote for the SNP.
  • Has anyone got a set of spanners, screwdrivers and Alan key’s to help put @TiceRichard back together after @NicolaSturgeon finished taking him apart
  • @NicolaSturgeon far and away the most genuine and impressive politician in this debate. Wish she was our PM
  • I wish Nicola Sturgeon was English, by far the most competent politician on the panel #bbcelectiondebate
  • Moving to Scotland so I can vote for @NicolaSturgeon – the burn that Tice endured was splendid.
  • Listening to @Adamprice and @NicolaSturgeon, the so called ‘nationalist’ leaders, you realise that they are the internationalist ones when compared with the Tory and Brexit party leaders who appear so inward little Britain looking

Good to have some positive feedback in these days of spin and misinformation.

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