‘Sinister’ Plan To Put Government ‘Beyond Legal Scrutiny’

Joanna Cherry

According to an article by Rachel Wearmouth in the Huffington Post Joanna Cherry and Jolyon Maugham, who fought Boris Johnson’s three week prorogation of parliament in the courts, the Tories have “very sinister” plans to reshape the legal system and put government ministers “beyond legal scrutiny”.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party manifesto contains proposals to “set up a constitution, democracy and rights commission” and to “update the Human Rights Act” to “ensure there is a proper balance” between the rights of the individual and government, with the commission tasked to look specifically at the judicial review process.

Joanna Cherry considered the proposals very sinister given Boris Johnson’s track record of lack of respect for democracy and the rule of law. Jolyon Maugham, founder and director of the Good Law Project, said the bid to introduce such sweeping changes caused alarm.

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