Politics is too important to leave to politicians

What is a non-party campaigner?

Lots of individuals and organisations campaign around elections without standing candidates themselves. We call them ‘non-party campaigners’.

Non-party campaigners are vital to a healthy democracy and, as a society, we must encourage their active participation, including during elections.

In many cases, spending on campaigns and activities will not be regulated.

The above quote is from the Electoral Commission website.

Our future is important

Our future is important to us all –our health, choices, opportunities, quality of life. Whatever happens now our lives are set to change. The UK is no longer the union of countries it was in 2014. The status quo has gone. Brexit changes everything. The coming election and the next few months and years will determine what kind of futures we have, whether in an isolated UK with a right-wing Tory government, outwith the European Union, struggling to piece together a new future; or in a confident, self-governing Scotland brimming with opportunities and new challenges, negotiating our re-entry to the EU, perhaps via EFTA.

Our vote affects more than just us

Our vote in an election should indicate the future for ourselves and others. If you are a parent or grandparent your choice of voting to leave the EU or remain will ultimately affect your family, especially if you have children or grandchildren looking to attend university or to work abroad. Sometimes, though, instead of voting positively for what we want we are persuaded either not to bother voting or to vote negatively, supporting candidates we wouldn’t otherwide have given time to for the sake of registering our dislike. A negative vote will also affect others, so we need to think carefully about our priorities before going down that road.

Over recent years many in politics and the media have degraded and destroyed democracy in the U.K. It is our lives and livelihoods that are at risk of an ultra right Tory government under Boris Johnson. To protect ourselves and our families everyone who can should heed the advice of the Electoral Commission, act now and campaign to get some semblance of truth and a few facts out into the public domain, for most politicians certainly won’t do it.

The most important election of our lives

The future is too important to leave to the misrepresentations, spin and lies that are deluging us and burying the opportunity for us to make an informed choice when we vote. This is perhaps the most important election of our lives as so much is at stake. If we leave it to politicians the likelihood is that, come 13th December, we’ll find ourselves living in something akin to a fascist state.

So rather than leave our future to politicians and their slogans, platitudes and empty rhetoric, Equality Nation has decided to input to the debate, knowing that, when the right wing screw on our country and lives gets tightened, at least its members will have tried and hopefully made a difference. We hope others will join us, using more than just their vote to reclaim our democracy, making their voices heard too, and by using their own words in letters to politicians, to the media and on social media to ensure the focus is on our wants, our future, and not those of the few who inhabit the right-wing political bubble.

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